30 Direct Mail Statistics You Can Use Right Now

StoraEnso's-#8 Digital Variables. "This is Ed"

Lester Wunderman-seen as "Father" of direct mail

David Ogilvy-developed new advertising discipline, direct marketing

Seth Godin-launched concept of Permission Marketing vs interruption marketing.

Don Peppers-introduced term one-to one marketing in 1993 and is recognized as the leading authority on customer based business strategy

Magazine-"Return on Investment" from Peppers & Rogers

1 to 1 case studies, business models, trends. Visit

USPS-designing letters in reply mail
-Quick service guide
-Direct mail by the numbers-case studies, stats, etc.

Sappi-Desinging for Digital-visit

Daniel DeJan-National print & creative specialist from Sappi Fine Papers

Sappi Fine Paper North America's "Life With Print" industry research through 11 sources found the following: