4 kinds of Customers: via Don Peppers
A) Prospects-seductive, engaging
B) Customers-once become, change our voice, we got their back
C) Loyal Customers-increase share, spend more $, refer me to…
D) Former Customers-if fail

Young Readers: "Young consumers are more likely to read and respond to printed materials such as flyers, circulars, catalogs and newsletters that reach them through the mail"

12 to 25 years old: Best way to contact them is through text messaging. See our ad or commercial-date, time, vehicle

Car Dealers:
Customized with the name and address of the dealer, the salesperson, customer name and car color buying preference.

Or, of the car that they just purchased and send them info on their maintenance schedules along with offers to drive them into their service bays.

When the time comes for upgrading, you can use all the info gathered along the way to promote their next purchase

Can use this technology to specifically target new students towards their establishment.

Reduce their inventories of view books and customizing them more specifically towards each potential student.

Improve the students first year experience using various programs created specifically for each one.

Drive alumni participation into giving, providing personal information, participation in ongoing programs, etc.

Real-Estate Agents, Roofing Companies etc:
Can use this technology to showcase the work they performed near their homes with a variety of different vehicles.

Also, they can use this technology to prompt them into their next purchase when time is approaching accordingly.

Retail Industry:
Can send out catalogs, mailers etc showcasing their seasonal weather products, clients next purchase, an item forgotten on their last purchase, or when it is time for them to upgrade.