What to test:

  1. copy
  2. imagery
  3. size
  4. components
  5. the offer
  6. paper quality (has improved responses by 10-16%) and...

  ...the best place to start - letter copy or envelope teaser. Learn from what doesn't work, was it the offer, time, copy, vehicle, target. 'Losers can be winners'

Ask Questions:

>> Does it grab your Attention?
>> Does it generate Interest?
>> Does it stimulate the Desire? to open or look at?
>> Does it create a call to Action?


Call to Action:

>> What do I want you to do?
>> Why should you do it?
>> When do we want you to do it by?
>> Instruct customer How you want them to do it (directly vs subliminally)

Return on Investment Info: