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May 2023

In-House Mailing Capabilities

13 ways Shapco helps you maximize efficiencies in your mailings

1. Full Service Mail Provider with Address Coding / Standardization / Delivery Point verification (via PAVE Certified software which provides CASS certification) also providing enhanced features:

  1. Informed Visibility offering near real-time end-to-end tracking of letters and flats
  2. Informed Delivery were by consumers can digitally preview incoming mail and costumers can track their response rate.
  3. More services like Track 'N Trace
  4. Walk Sequence
  5. Every Door Direct Mail
  6. Co-Mingling are also among our offerings. Coding/Standardization/Delivery Point Validation (via CASS Certified Software)

2. Mail Anywhere capabilities:

  • We can now utilize out of state SCF discounts by delivering and clearing our mail at any Business Mail Acceptance site nationwide decreasing delivery times and lowering the cost to our customer if mail saturation is significant in an outside area.
  • Our customer can retain their permit on the mail piece and not have to rely on Shapco’s permit number to be displayed as long as we are listed as the Mailing Agent in the electronic postage statement (eDoc) and have provided the USPS with our customers Permit # that we mail for.
  • Maintain a single permit and centralized account to enter and pay for all mailings across the country.
  • Local Permit Number or Company Imprint Indicia may be used at any location.
  • Eligible Mail Class includes:
    • First-Class letters, postcards and flats
    • Standard letters and flats
    • Bound Printed Matter flats
    • Periodicals* letters and flats

3. Postal Presorting (via BCC Mail Manager to maximize postal discounts)

4. Merge/Purge Services

5. NCOA Processing, ACS, Ancillary Service Endorsement

6. List Hygiene and Enhancement Services (i.e. Database Restructuring)

7. List Evaluation and Error Reports

8. Mailing Strategy Consultations

9. Single Source Control and Convenience

10. Ink Jetting

11. Wafer Sealing

12. Inserting

13. Blind Matching-100% matching with CAMERA verification

Meeting growing postal challenges, while providing added control and convenience, encouraged Shapco to work closely with customers and the Post Office to develop effective mail distribution strategies aimed at getting materials delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Often the solution is not a single action, but a relentless pursuit of many small improvements along the process that make a big difference in costs, efficiencies, and speed of delivery. Today, the price of mailing magazines, journals, newsletters, catalogs, and other printed materials can significantly affect an organization’s bottom line.

As a result, you (the mailer) need to take a more comprehensive look at your objectives—considering everything from the date a printed piece needs to arrive at its final destination to mailing frequency and format issues.

Shapco has been involved with mailing in many aspects for more than 30 plus years. Our niche has always been and continues to be publications, periodicals, and direct mail.

We take a consultative and comprehensive approach TO EACH ONE OF OUR CUSTOMER’S COMMUNICATIONS NEEDS with an emphasis on PROPER DESIGN FOR PRINTING, as well as MAILING REQUIREMENTS. In addition, we evaluate the integrity of your list, checking for problems such as improper address formatting that can negatively affect mail processing.

Every mailing project includes these items:

A Change of Address report and updated data file including USPS registered moves within the past 18 months

• Address Resolution report and updated data file including any address corrected records deemed undeliverable as provided.

• Address Error (NIXIE) report and data file including all records that are still considered undeliverable after data processing.

• A Waterfall report which provides a quick snapshot of your data processing results.

• Recommendations to help you improve your list preparation and achieve maximum list integrity

One particular win-win situation has been with a new client who had been doing the same mailing with another printing company for the previous two years. We suggested going to a heavier stock for a cost of $1000 more in paper that yielded a savings of $3000 in postage. Mail reclassification continues to reward automation-compatible mail with discounts that are intended to compensate mailers for their preparation investments. (Mail not conforming to automation standards pays a premium or surcharge.)

Address Quality Standards

In order to receive automation discounts for either First Class or Standard Mail, mail lists must have been updated within 90 days of the mail date via NCOA, Address Requested, etc.

All zip codes on mailings must be accurate to qualify for presort and/or automation discounts. PAVE (Presort, Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation) Certified Software is recommended.

Carrier Route mail must contain addresses that have been successfully matched to the most current USPS national database using CASS Certified Software. Coding must be performed within 90 days of the mail date.

For all other automated pieces, coding must be performed within six months. USPS-approved documentation is required in all cases.

Shapco performs CASS Coding/DPV Verification for every mailing.

A recap of some old and new requirements

BRC—Minimum remains 3.5" x 5" and Maximum 4.25" x 6"

Postcards new as of 2022—Minimum remains 3.5" x 5",
but Maximum new of 6" x 9"

200 piece minimum for Standard Mail per Presort mailing.
200 piece minimum for FC Indicia.
500 piece minimum for First-Class Mail per Presort mailing.

NOTE: What’s important today, in order to be machinable, is that the piece must be at least 7 points thick up to 4.25" x 6". Otherwise, you will lose automation discounts and pay a surcharge. Some 80-pound stock will satisfy this requirement, while others will need to be heavier. Please make sure to double-check this!

Self-Mailer-Letter, No Folds—Minimum 3.5" x 5" and Maximum 6.125" x 11.5"

Letter, Folded—Minimum 3.5" x 5" and Maximum 6" x 10.5"

For example, a 6" x 9" mailed standard would be a self-mailer.

A 6" x 9" mailed presorted first class is now a postcard.

NOTE: The piece must meet the aspect ratio (relationship between the height and width) to be machinable. Weight also is a factor and depends on the specific postal classification.

Flat—Height: Minimum 5" and Maximum 12", Length: Minimum 6" and Maximum 15"

NOTE: A design must is a particular orientation between final folded/bound edge and any intermediate folded/bound edge. Thickness must be 3/4" or less. Weight for First Class =13 oz max, Periodicals = 20 oz max, Standard = less than 16 oz, Bound Printed Matter = 20 oz max.

Helpful mailing resources

30 Direct Mail Statitsics You can Use Right Now

Postcard Mailing Specifications

Oversized Postcards &* Envelopes Mailing Specifics

Folded Self-Mailers, Stitched or Bound Mailers Mailing Specifics

Flat Mailing Specifics

Mailing Panel Guides

Still confused? Don’t worry.

Shapco offers complete in-house mailing services and we’re in compliance with the rules and regulations of reclassification.

Most importantly, we’re fully committed to helping your organization develop an effective strategy to reduce mailing costs and speed delivery. We’ll maximize your presort discounts through our PAVE and CASS Certified Software, then ensure you gain all postal advantages possible.

NOTE: We have a processing form that collects in-depth instructions for projects you feel need to be detailed.

Bonus content

Here are some scanned charts of various envelopes along with their names, sizes etc. This may assist you with future projects and the inserted material sizing.

Click for larger version

Click for larger version

Click for larger version

Before we go...

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As always, I will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive the best value for every marketing dollar you invest.


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