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October 2011 TK's Korner
Why Work With Tom Kubinski?

Why do you choose to work with a particular company?

Besides all the differences between each specific company, it often comes down to
the Rep or Printing Consultant and the Relationship that you Share.

What should your Print Consultant bring to the table?


Have the Experience, Expertise and Knowledge of the many different papers, inks,
techniques, and processes that a project needs to go through to make sure it is
mechanically possible to produce with the desired results.

Deliver on Their Promises - Doing what they say they will.

Show Ability to Bring Value to each project via recommendations or creative ideas/solutions.

Understand and Show Different Techniques & Samples to enhance your design
and layout, making it stand out from the rest.

Offer Savings on particular ways to run a project.

Communicate - Be able to get a hold of when you need to. Create the feel that
even if the project is out of sight, it's never out of mind.

Free Up your Time to work on other things that are important to you.


It doesn't stop there though. In today's marketplace, your consultant needs to be proficient with multichannel technologies as well. These might include:

    Marketing Consulting
    Data-Driven Communications
    One-to-One Variable Messaging
    Marketing Automation Technologies
    Channel Marketing Synchronization
    Real-time Campaign Management
    Optimizing Fulfillment Logistics
    Creative Services
    ROI Analytics

So, what does YOUR Print Consultant, Tom Kubinski, bring to the table?

    TK I partner with my clients and make suggestions on how to improve their copy, design, layout and which marketing vehicles to choose. I do this in order to hit the client's target audience in a more effective and efficient manner as well as utilizing new technologies. Thus generating more interest, increase response rates and ultimately ROI.

    TK I will take the time to understand your business, what you do, listen to your program details
    and make suggestions where you might consolidate or 're-engineer' a project to become more cost effective.

    TK I'll be honest and let you know if it fits Sexton or not, and be upfront with all the costs associated with a particular project to help establish resources that can save you money.

    TK I will keep you in the loop as communication is imperative to ensure that your project stays
    on track and potential problems are averted.

    TK I'm proficient in all printing related elements plus the strategic and social media channels.
    (The PODi case study really highlights or speaks to this, (read more below)

    TK TK's Korner is my personal web site where I research and write a monthly newsletter on a variety of topics beyond print and print related. Here you'll learn about PURLs, QR codes, Microsites, Social Media, Integrated Marketing, and a whole lot more. (Check out the other issues listed on the left sidebar of the site for subjects you may find of interest.)

      Three of these issues have been published in a National Magazine, "Print and Media Buyer"
      (see them listed below)

    TK Sexton Seminars have become another resource for my clients and prospects to learn more about print and beyond subjects. Our last one was on Web Videos. To find out more, check out (link to Sexton Seminars)

Just One of Tom's Success Stories:

A program I put together for a client of mine has been recognized as a National Case Study for PODi. PODi is recognized as a leading industry organization and proponent of relevant, one-to-one marketing driven by digital print. Case Studies published by PODi showcase highly successful applications with an impressive combination of innovation, technical expertise, and the delivery of excellent, measurable results. PODI's searchable, online database is the most comprehensive source of digital print solutions with over 470 case studies. Only 41 new cases are listed this year. Visit and click here to view my PODi Case Study

OK, Two Stories:

A 3M client came to me with a brand new product – a blue pad that scours easier and faster than the old standby green one, and it doesn't scratch stainless steel. Boy, was it impressive! They asked me how to reflect this in a marketing piece. What an exciting challenge and partnership!

I came up with 10 different paper stocks, 4 different coatings and 5 different scratch-off coatings for a total of 42 different samples for the 3M R&D department to test.

The result was that we nailed it perfectly in one combination. The material had to 'bite enough' or hold to show the scouring rub without completely falling away like a normal scratch-off. The
non- scratching stainless steel I accomplished by contacting a sheet metal fabrication company and acquiring cut down shims that were applied by 3M's heavy duty double-sided tape side by side to the scratch-off area along with all the marketing information.

The whole product line was hugely successful and went into 3 languages. It truly was exciting to be a partner and make it happen!!


    "The 10-Second Elevator Speech about Tom Kubinski would sound like this: An amazingly

    knowledgeable, high-energy printing consultant who knows how to get the work done on time

    and on budget. One warning: DO NOT WORK WITH THIS MAN IF YOU HAVE HAD RECENT

    SURGERY. You are sure to pull out a few stitches from laughter. Seriously, besides being a

    fabulous guy, Tom really knows this industry inside and out and I rely on him for advice as well

    as for printing. He's a straight shooter and will tell you what he can't do for you as well as what

    he can, (although there's not much he can't do!) I look forward to reading his 'TK's Korner'

    newsletter and always learn a thing or two about printing. I don't give recommendations lightly,

    and I don't hesitate in my recommendation of Tom (except for the surgery thing)."

    Kat Dalager, Manager of Print Production at Campbell Mithun

If you have a production issue not discussed within this issue that you would like me to address, a project that needs to be looked at or more information about Sexton's capabilities, you can: give me a call at (651)-255-1225; check out the other issues of TK's Korners or visit Sexton's web site @ look forward to our next opportunity together.

Stay tuned for the next issue of TK's Korner. You just might be surprised!

Please refer back and visit often the entire library of TK's Korners where you
will find information on subjects that may be of interest to you like:

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Referrals are greatly appreciated, if you know someone I could help, or who might like to receive TK's Korner, please let me know.

You can also check out my profile, join my network and view more client comments on LinkedIn at:

Take care and have a great day!

Tom Kubinski, Printing Consultant
YOUR Eighth Wonder of the World

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