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October 2023

What Sets Shapco Apart?

NEW Perfecting Press added to Shapco's vast offerings. We're excited about our new 8 color Perfecting Press with 2 Sided UV Coatings (one of few that has coatings BOTH sides) Komori Perfector 40". This will give you even greater run options for your medium to higher quantity page counts and run lengths. Making Shapco a great option over half and/or full webs. Being Sheetfed, you gain a higher quality as well with our ability to stop and start during production if needed to adjust color or other issues.

Shapco’s mindset is, “If you dream it, we can print it! Our team has the experience to make every project exceed your expectations while staying on schedule & within your budget.”

Evident by being in business for over 42 years, an ever-increasing array of capabilities, scale & equipment including: Scanning, Prepress, Conventional & UV Offset-1-to-8 colors, Digital & Variable, Large Format, CAD Cutting, Fulfillment, Warehousing, Tracking, Mailing (includes-Blind Match with Cameras), Bindery, Kitting, Packaging, and Distribution.

Our Mission:
Shapco offers services and products that connect their customers to audiences through innovative designs & integrated marketing strategies. Working together, we have produced solid partnerships, reduce costs & drive revenues. It’s Shapco’s hope we can continue this mission for generations to come.

Shapco prides itself on nimbleness, personal attention to detail, and data security not found with many competitors, large or small. This is crucial for industries such as: Healthcare, Education, and Financial Services. 

I enjoy helping my clients make the most of what Shapco has to offer under one roof. Those who want to go above & beyond traditional print services, I can help launch integrated marketing campaigns offering: marketing consulting, data-driven, 1-to-1 variable communication, channel synchronization, real-time data analytics, optimized fulfillment logistics including web-to-print technology & more. My clients benefit from a streamlined production workflow, reduced costs & complete control gained from having a single point of contact.

Quality Control

Shapco’s quality is held to highest standards via independent audited GRACoL 7 certified to ensure the closest and most consistent color match on our presses.

G7 Certification
As a result of extensive training and the latest equipment, Shapco is qualified as a G7 Master Printer. For us, achieving this status is kind of a big deal. To you, it simply means that your finished print materials will look great-and virtually identical from proof to press and from press to press.

G7 is a revolutionary process developed by IDEAlliance and is based on principles of digital imaging, spectrophotometry, and computer-to-plate technologies. It breaks from tradition by focusing on colorimetric data for gray balance in the mid-tones rather than on densitometric values for each color. G7 is named for this calibration technique and its 7 required ISO ink colors. More information can be found at

Continual education and recertification is required to maintain G7 status. Shapco has committed personnel and resources necessary to maintain our certification.

CIP4 Cooperation for Integration of (Processes in, Prepress, Press, and Postpress). This means that all the settings for color are transmitted directly to the presses once you approve your proofs. This makes for faster and more economical press checks!

­Shapco’s color calibration method is held to the highest standards, ensuring consistency and repeatability across printing equipment and substrates, which means that your finished print materials will look great, and will be virtually identical from proof to press and from press to press.

Security Compliance Assurance

Your data’s in good hands!! 

Shapco, is SOC2 & HIPAA HITECH

We’re audited in 4 key areas:

  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Availability
  • Physical & Network Security.

Shapco’s facilities, personnel, systems, and procedures have all been rigorously audited against the latest security benchmarks.

Audited SOC 2 & HIPAA HITECH Certification:

  • Third-party security compliance management
  • Video surveillance and keycard-protected environments
  • Secure uploading and server storage
  • Stringent chain-of-custody procedures

Whether PHI materials, financial information, or promotional lists, it’s critical to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. That’s why organizations like Healthcare Companies, Universities, and Financial Institutions entrust Shapco with their vital information. Beyond unmatched nimbleness and attention to detail, we help our customers manage their third-party security compliance needs too.

Check out the capabilities below that make Shapco stand out

Did you know? Besides Design, Prepress, Printing, Mailing, and Fulfillment, we have even more services under our roof:

  • Conventional and UV Offset printing
  • Digital and Variable printing
  • Large Format
  • CAD Cutting
  • Creative services
  • Publication management
  • Web-enabled services
  • Personalized URL technologies
  • Technical support
  • Marketing consulting
  • Data-driven communications
  • One-to-one variable messaging
  • Marketing automation technologies
  • Channel marketing synchronization
  • Real-time campaign measurement
  • Fulfillment
  • Warehousing and tracking
  • Bindery
  • Kitting
  • Packaging

Our customers benefit with streamlined production, reduced costs, and complete control gained from a single point of contact. In addition, estimates and billing practices are fast, and accurate.

We partner with our clients and help them improve their overall marketing effectiveness using multichannel and measurement technologies. The results of this partnership include relevant conversations with your audiences through an effective and efficient workflow—generating more interest, increasing response rates, and ultimately maximizing ROI for every marketing dollar invested.


“Shapco Printing is my #1 printer! We’ve worked together for over 26 years and this alone is a testament to their continued excellence in print, color and production capabilities. Their attention to detail and customer service is top notch, which makes my job easier!!”—Karen

“I oversee our enterprise relationship with Shapco and work with them closely on all our print projects. Their knowledge, guidance, and expertise consistently result in outstanding final product. Plus, Shapco delivers on time, on budget…always. Their unique ability to uphold strict quality and service expectations, while continually to find way to help us save money, has earned them a great deal of respect from our organization.” –Jayne


At Shapco Printing, our prepress professionals are the key to our success. Averaging over 20 years of individual experience working with numerous complex projects, our staff takes pride in preparing your job for print, and producing an award-winning piece worthy of admiration.

The technology behind our success is second to none. Being one of the first printing companies in the country to implement Direct-to-plate system, we know how important it is to be a pioneer in new and innovative developments that transform our industry. From powerful desktop workstations to our ever-growing server data center, Shapco has made a tremendous investment in the newest, fastest, and most reliable infrastructure in the printing industry.

Since the invention of PDF, Adobe has created a powerful standard in document handling. Our Heidelberg Prinect PDF workflow complements Adobe and takes that to the next level. Prinect allows us to apply color management, trapping and other options to your PDF all while maintaining the integrity of the original document. Industry standard GRACoL 7 color management is seamlessly applied to every page ensuring the widest gamut and most vibrant color available on the press.

Trapping is fully automated and nearly a concern of the past. Utilizing complex mathematic equations, Prinect will figure out how to trap the toughest pages allowing for a gap free fit on press. In extreme situations, operators are able to edit and manipulate traps if necessary.

Within the workflow, the same PDF that will be used to make the final printing plates is used in the proofing process. Our proofing systems are rigorously monitored and calibrated continuously to make sure they are accurate.

Digital imposition allows us to arrange PDF pages into a variety of layouts for our numerous presses. Whether changing sheet sizes or fixing that elusive typo, modifications can be made easily and quickly at any time in the process.

Our fully automated Heidelberg Suprasetter digital imagesetter exposes thermal aluminum plates at a rate of 28 plates per hour. At 2540 dpi output, we are able to successfully image high line screen output as well as stochastic and hybrid screens. The plates are perfectly registered to each other, saving a huge amount of time and material at press make-ready.

Creative Design

Shapco offers creative design services for a one-time project or an on-going basis. Professionally trained designers have experience working across a broad spectrum of industries including Healthcare, Higher Education, Construction, Food and Beverage, Financial Services, and Medical. We are also available for communication and brand counsel, design recommendations and best practices.

Press Equipment

Shapco Printing is proud to offer a complete range of printing capabilities to our customers: Conventional, Digital, and VDP (Variable Data Printing).


Shapco is very excited to be able to offer 64 Inch Packaging Printing Capabilities

5 Color KBA – RAPIDA 162

  • Conventional or UV ink
  • Aqueous or UV coating
  • 60# offset to 30pt board
  • .005 to .030 synthetic material
  • Sheet size: 25 x 38” to 47.25 x 64" Image area

Conventional Features:

Shapco is PROUD to announce our 2nd Perfecting press is on the floor!

  • 5 Komori Presses two being 8 Color Perfecting Press with UV coating 2 sides
    • 1-8 colors
    • Conventional, Aqueous or UV capabilities
    • Sheet sizes; 17.5x22.5 to 28x40
    • Can print on static cling, vinyl, styrene PVC plastic, foil board, board stock up to 40pt and, of course, paper
  • Ryobi Presses
    • 1-5 colors
    • Conventional, Aqueous
    • Sheet sizes; 6x8 to 14x20

Shapco’s print quality is unquestioned. Shapco offers you 5 Komori Press’s; 1-8 colors, with 3 having UV and 1 being a Perfecting Press with UV coating BOTH sides. Printing on paper, plastic, cloth and other unique substrates. Can print up to 38-point board stock as well. Whether you want Aqueous, Strike Through, Soft Touch or UV, it’s all in house. Giving you brilliant printing quality and excellent production efficiency for long runs.

Our work-horse Komori presses are automated with in-line quality controls, prepress-to-press integration, plate hangers, wash-ups and stock changeover capabilities. Utilizing UV inks and interdeck dryers, hickey-free dampening system, ATS Spectro Densitometer and extended delivery system.

Digital / Variable Data Printing

HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press

The 29-inch format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press performs with exceptional print quality, substrate versatility, and production flexibility. This robust press is an easy fit for all your small to medium print runs utilizing a wide variety of applications. 

Special Effects:

  • Can run variety of substrates: paper, foil, static clings, plastic and 50lb text to 130lb cover stock.
  • Implementation of raised print
  • Watermarking
  • Custom white ink is available for most media and can run multiple hits of white
  • Variable data-customized and personalize each piece
  • Sheet size can run pocket folders
  • 5th color available to you and your design needs as well

HP 7600 digital press

Other Digital Press

  • Can run 4-color, no bleed, on premade envelopes and personalize them

Ideal for:

  • Direct Mail: Postcards, Letters, Self-mailers
  • Marketing Collateral: Brochures, Business Cards, Calendars, Invitations, Flyers,
  • Books: Customized, On-demand, Covers & Jackets, Textbooks, Art Books, Photo Books: Soft-cover, Hardcover, Lay-flat
  • Folding Cartons: Health & Beauty, Cosmetics, Food
  • Periodicals: Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs
  • Greeting Cards: Folding Greeting Cards, Postcards, Stationery
  • Calendars: Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars, Birthday calendars
  • Posters: Events, Window Displays, Tradeshows, Legal
  • Point of Sale: Table Tents, Hang Tags, Display Signs, Counter Cards

How does digital printing differ from conventional offset printing and why is it fueling the growth of one-to-one marketing using Variable Data Printing (VDP)? VDP is a form of on-demand, database-driven printing in which elements such as text, graphics, and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the press. Marketers now have the ability to target messages more precisely than ever before. For more information on VDP, please visit

I can help, Shapco can help, digital printing can help, one-to-one marketing can help! Implement engaging one-to-one promotions, provide cross-media campaign measurement, and even streamline your entire marketing supply chain. Shapco Printing has been providing digital, variable-data printing for many years now. And most importantly, by tracking the results, you can easily calculate the cost per response, inquiry, or sale.

Large Format

We value your desire for innovative quality products whether it be POP displays, floor graphics, backlit signage, or vehicle wraps. With UV flatbed and latex printing capabilities, plus a large array of digital cutters, laminating and finishing solutions we not only provide you with the results to impress, we provide them with the precision and speed you need.

Sheet size

Agfa Flatbed Machines: 120" x 60" with thickness up to 2" thick materials

HP Latex Rollfed Machines: 64" width x indefinite length

Substrates that can be printed on:

Sheets and rolls depending on material type

Thinner materials such as paper, vinyl, fabric

Minimum of onion skin to 2” thick materials

Roll width up to 63”
Maximum flat sheet size of 60x120

Ink types
Rolfed machine = Latex Ink – 3-5 year
Flatbed = UV ink – Over 5 year

Types – and Common Usages

Adhesives: Vinyl, Glow in the dark vinyl, Window, Wall graphic, wall paper

Banner: retractable or hanging. Indoor or outdoor.

Backlit media: lightbox inserts, transit sign, menu boards

Fabric: short term, backlit light boxes.

Cling: Floor, mirror, window

Paper: Poster, signs, etc

Styrene: Somewhat flexible. Long term. Thinner gauges .015, .020, .030, .040 common thicknesses.

PVC: Rigid plastic. Long term. Thicknesses 1mm

Magnet stock: Auto signs, Metal applications up to 10ft. .020 or .030 thickness

Corrugated Plastic: Yard signs, Standee cutout, POP displays. Indoor or outdoor.

Corrugated Paper: Box or carton packaging.

Foam board: Standard, Ultra Board, Gator Board

Honeycomb board: Falcon Board

Aluminum Composite: Rigid Signage. Indoor or outdoor.

Yoga Matts



Creative Coating Technologies

When adding a coating effect to your printed materials, you can really make a significant visual impact, as well as provide a level of protection. Here is a quick list of coating techniques. More information can be found at

  • Varnish
  • Aqueous coatings
  • Combinations of Strike-thru Varnish and Aqueous
  • Soft-touch Aqueous coatings
  • UV coatings
  • Raised spot UV coatings

Fulfillment/Warehousing/Kitting info

Our fulfillment center provides:

  • Pick & Pack
  • Rollout distributions
  • Kitting
  • Warehousing services to get your print where you want it, when you want it

Backed by our sophisticated fulfillment and logistical software from bar code automation, assembly and distribution, item catalog with image verification to our 24-hour online branded storefront product ordering and online order tracking of all shipments.

In-House Mailing Capabilities

To meet growing postal challenges while providing added control and convenience, Shapco works closely with customers and the USPS to develop effective mail distribution strategies aimed at getting materials delivered quickly and cost-effective.

  • List processing
  • Imaging
  • Mailing services
  • 100% match mailing with cameras
  • Address Coding/Standardization/Delivery Point Validation (via CASS certified software)
  • Postal Presorting (via PAVE certified software to maximize postal discounts)
  • Merge/Purge Services
  • NCOA Processing, ACS, and Ancillary Service Endorsement
    • List Hygiene and Enhancement Services (i.e. Database Restructuring)
    • List Evaluation and Error Reports
    • Mailing Strategy Consultations
    • Single Source Control and Convenience
    • Dual-Head Ink jetting
    • Wafer Sealing

Response rates of direct mail depend on:

  • List Integrity—Are you marketing to your target audience and has the list been run through an address updating software?
  • Profiling—Accurate profiles can dramatically improve response rates.
  • Timing—What's going on with world events, business cycles, marketing cycles, sales cycles, etc?
  • Offer—Is it something of value or interest to your target audience?
  • Incentive—Is it worthwhile to them? Will it make them act?
  • Call to Action—Are you telling them what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, and how you want them to do it?
  • Creative Execution—Design, copy, layout, vehicle, etc?
  • Digital or VDP (Variable-Data Printing)

You’ll be very pleased with the results for your next annual report, book, brochure, catalog, corporate identity piece, direct mailer, padded work, pocket folder, publication, scratch-off, etc. If you'd like more information about Shapco’s mailing capabilities, visit


Complete bindery services including cutting, die-cutting, round cornering, folding, stitching, perfect binding and shrink wrapping, laminating, etc. to handle all aspects of your jobs.


Truly a unique option for you and all of your projects. This machine can cut out images, shapes and sizes out of a variety of substrates. Not only can it cut out up to 2" thick material, it can give you a beveled edge as well. Ideal for POP displays, signage, backlit signage, packaging, low cost mock ups and a whole lot more.

Sheet Size

Thickness up to 2" thick materials

Substrates that can be printed on:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

HORIZON BQ 280 PUR Perfect Binder

Book Size Max 385 x 320 mm (15.15" x 12.59")
Book Size Min 135 x 105 mm (5.32" x 4.14")
Book Thickness 1 to 51 mm (0.04" to 2.00")
Cover Size Max 385 x 660 mm (15.15" x 25.98")
Cover Size Min 135 x 225 mm (5.32" x 8.86")
Cover Weight Range Normal: 82 to 302 gsm | Coated: 105 to 349 gsm

Die Cutting

High-Speed Die Cutters

Brausse 1050 SE

Two on site
Sizes: min-14" x 20", Max-28" x 40"

  • Die cutting & punch out
  • Score
  • Perforating
  • Kiss cut


Sizes: 15.75" x 22.5"

  • Die cutting
  • Score
  • Perforating
  • Kiss cut


Sizes: 14" x 22"

  • Die cutting completely out & thin books
  • Score
  • Perforating
  • Kiss cut

Large Flat Bed Die-Cutter

Regal Folder/Gluer

The long in-feed and belt section allows forming, folding, taping, and inserting.


  • 30" wide format
  • Buckle Fold Plate with removable ribs and an all stainless-steel back plate to eliminate marking and static build-up
  • Tipper Fold Plate with dual anti-marking rollers which allow for heavier stocks to be folded
  • Built in sheet spacer, batch counter, DC controls and more
  • Equipped with two- and three-inch-wide drive belts on top of removable filler pans
  • All Belt Drive
  • Optional bottom fold plate
  • Dual pump system

600i Booklet System

The 600i Booklet System is Duplo’s high-end collating and booklet making solution. Integrating the fully automatic DBM- 600 Bookletmaker with the high speed and intelligent DSC- 10/60i Suction Collators, the 600i Booklet System produces professional high-quality saddle, side, or corner-stitched booklets as well as letter landscape applications.


Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to automate and streamline the booklet making process, the 600i Booklet System requires minimal operator intervention. Users can produce up to 5,200 booklets per hour or collate up to 10,000 sets per hour into a stacker. Booklet production can be doubled, for certain applications, by adding the optional 4-stitch head kit, along with the DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer and Gutter Cutter module to enable 2-up booklet making. The DSC-10/60i Collators provide 10 bins and each bin can hold up to 2.6 inches of paper. Bins can be intelligently linked or separated into blocks to facilitate longer run lengths by allowing the operator to reload the empty bins without stopping or interrupting the stacking or booklet making process.

  • Duplo Collator/Stitcher
  • Collates flat sheets.
  • Minimum size = 4.5 x 6"
  • Maximum size = 13.75 x 24"
  • Thickness = 60# text to 110# cover
  • Can collate up to 35 flat sheets.
  • Stitches flat sheets into folded stitched books
  • Minimum size = 3 x 5"
  • Maximum size = 11 ¾ x 12"

Yoko Blanker

  • Punches out die-cut pieces from a full sheet
  • It can punch out multiple pieces from the same sheet of stock
  • Max sheet size = 32 x 43.5”
  • Min sheet size = 14.5 x 23.5”
  • Max punch out size = 18.5 x 18.5”
  • Minimum punch out size = 2 x 3.5 (Business card)
  • Can produce simple to semi-complex designs – need to discuss with Cody
  • Thickness = 12pt – 28pt
  • Projects should be discussed with Cody to determine if doable

Bobst Domino 110-M Folder/Gluer

Fold and glue sleeves and boxes (Standard, 4-corner, 6-corner)

Standard Box:

  • Unfolded Width – min = 5”; max = 43”
  • Unfolded Length – min = 2.5”; max = 31”
  • Folded Width – min = 2.5”; max = 21”

Auto-lock (Crush-lock) Bottom Box:

  • Unfolded Width – min = 5.75”; max = 43”
  • Unfolded Length – min = --; max = 31”
  • Folded Width – min = 2.75”; max = 21”

4-corner Box:

  • Unfolded Width – min = 5.25”; max – 45”
  • Unfolded Length – min = 5.25”; max = 35”
  • Folded Width – 3.25”; max - --

6-corner Box:

  • Unfolded Width – min = 10#; max = 43”
  • Unfolded Length – 5.25”; max – 36”

Shapco’s Marcom solution present real-time costs to create, customize, proof, order, ship, and workflows to shorten response times and reduce track printed materials. Combining a robust creative tool set with comprehensive business functions, Shapco offers you new and better ways to manage print. With Shapco’s MP, you can...

  • Procure all sales and marketing collateral from virtually anywhere and ship it directly to your desired location.
  • Enable personnel to customize and order their own materials without burdening your company’s graphic design experts or other human resources.
  • Maintain brand standards with templates that allow only designated text, graphics, and images to be modifi ed.
  • Ensure error-free production by viewing online PDF soft proofs generated from actual high-resolution PDFs used for printing.
  • Experience fewer mistakes as those closest to the project update, proof, and order themselves.
  • Utilize original Macintosh and Windows docu ments created using a broad range of applications including InDesign, Illustrator, PDF and Microsoft Offi ce.
  • Increase marketing effectiveness by affordably producing materials tailored to the interests and needs of specific market segments.
  • Optimize return on investment with on-demand production of sales materials.
  • Monitor projects with comprehensive reporting features for user access, department, ordering, and shipping.
  • Easily export inventory and accounting information in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Track project and shipping status with automatic email updates.
  • Improve cash flow by eliminating the need to pay for large-quantity purchases.
  • Reduce waste and warehousing requirements by producing materials only as needed.
  • Minimize obsolescence by maintaining an “always current” library of marketing collateral.
  • Build loyalty and satisfaction through a convenient, branded portal that provides around-the-clock service.

Additional Capabilities/Features

  • Branded customizable site with a variety of layout options
  • User login driven, privileges and access based on users credentials
  • 24-7 access
  • Store print, variable templates, assets and non-print items (samples, promotional items etc.) on your portal
  • Access to an image library with over 1 million images
  • Order process controls per customer’s specifications
  • Limitless or limited shipping options
  • Promotional codes for discounts, with limit controls
  • Protected and shared resources
  • Automatically assigned business units
  • Order constraints by department and budget
  • Approval process control by product, shipping, user group and category
  • Featured products for new or updated items
  • Full previews, single or multi-page
  • Order through a simple interface
  • Softproofing and approval process
  • Save orders, variable, static or inventory items
  • Simple re-order process
  • Guest login available
  • Self-registration available
  • Items can have keywords, descriptions, references numbers and revision codes
  • Current inventory is displayed for each item
  • Customizable hierarchy and category icons
  • Email notifications for orders, shipment, when items need approval, user approval and low inventory for each item
  • Jobs can be uploaded and quoted instantaneously
  • Variable templates
  • Database files can drive variable templates
  • Multiple destination shipments
  • Robust reporting, access to orders by user, product, business unit, shipment method, department, location, jobs number, order number and 25+ other categories
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • SSO (Single Sign-0n)
  • Users can click on link to retrieve forgotten login information
  • Document creation with advanced controls, move, undo/redo, edit text & fonts, crop & rotate images, layer, apply opacity and more

Award-Winning Experience

Shapco Printing is one of the most award-winning printers:

  • Appleton Coated (u) 360 Design Competition Winner
  • PIM Star of Excellence-Best of Class 1c, 2c, 3c “Olson Annual North by Midwest Invite”
  • PIM Star of Excellence-Best of Class 4 or more colors “HST Brochure”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Silver-Soft Cover Books “Blu Dot”
  • PIM Star of Excellence-Best of Class Print Excellence in Print/Graphic Arts Self Promo
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Direct Mail Package “Gala Invitation Package”
  • Annual Gold Ink Award-Pewter-Hard Cover Book “A Shadow Fall”
  • PIM Star of Excellence-Best of Class Print Excellence in Business & Annual Reports “Old Republic Annual”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Soft Cover Books “Beauty of Bathing”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Calendar “Shapco Calendar”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Soft Cover Book “100 Quotes by Charles Eames”
  • PIM Star of Excellence-Best of Class Print Excellence in Packaging/Labels Lithography “Royal Canin Kit”
  • PIM Star of Excellence-Best of Class Print Excellence in Business & Annual Reports “Old Republic Annual”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Direct Mail “Puzzle Pieces”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Bronze-Annual Report “Old Republic”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Soft Cover Book “Blu Dot Catalog”
  • National Gold Ink Awards-Pewter-Business Catalogs Self Promotion “Shapco Self Promotion”

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Shapco was green before green was trendy. From the energy-efficient lighting turned on in the morning to the recycling bins taken out at night, we do our best to make a difference. Here are just a few examples.

Azura TS chemistry-free plate system
Not only do these plates perform better on press, they help us eliminate use of more than 150,000 gallons of water per year.

Digital premedia
Services like online proofing, digital printing, and web-to-print fulfillment reduce waste and can make your job a whole lot easier.

By recycling everything from packing peanuts to pressroom inks, we make sure nothing reusable gets tossed.

Shapco meets several qualifications that foster environmental improvement, like our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. FSC chain-of-custody requirements help to ensure that all paper raw materials come from organizations that practice responsible forestry management.

Loyal and Experienced Employees

Committed to our 108 employees, with an average tenure of 11+ years, Shapco recently had the following anniversaries celebrated:
30+ years = 4
20+ years = 23
10+ years = 56
Less than 10 years = 52

Wow, that is outstanding in any industry!


PURLs provide a level of indirection that allows the underlying Web addresses of resources to change over time without negatively affecting systems that depend on them. This capability provides continuity of references to network resources that may migrate from machine to machine for business, social, or technical reasons. PURLs with surveys fall within response mechanisms.

PURLs may be included in:
Direct mail printed pieces as well as emails. Many have found that a combination of both direct mail and email yields substantial results versus just one or the other. Also, multi-touch campaigns have been shown to yield significant results.

Shapco has been working with and managing PURLs for many years with great success. We can assist you with obtaining, managing, and sorting critical data as well as strategizing campaigns. Please keep us in mind for your next campaign or contact Tom Kubinski at 612-278-1568 to learn more. (more at


You may be asking yourself, "What is a microsite?"

A microsite, also known as a landing page, minisite, or weblet, is an Internet web design term referring to an individual web page or cluster of pages which are meant to function as an auxiliary supplement to a primary website. The microsite’s main landing page most likely has its own domain name or subdomain.

Microsites are typically used to add a specialized group of information that is either editorial or commercial. Such sites may be linked into a main site or taken completely off a site’s server when the site is used for a temporary purpose. The main distinction of a microsite versus its parent site is its purpose and specific cohesiveness, as compared to the microsite’s broader overall parent website.

Microsites are a great way for you to:

  • Data mine
  • Clean your database
  • Gain a voice of customer
  • Discover which products or services your customer is interested in
  • Find out how the customer would like to be marketed to
  • Learn which promotional vehicles the customer prefers, so your marketing dollars may be spent wisely
  • Much more (more at

Often, microsites will be used for editorial purposes by a commercial business to add value. For example, a retailer of party goods may create a microsite with editorial content about the history of Halloween or some other holiday or event. The commercial purpose of such editorial microsites, (beyond driving product sales), may include adding value for the site's visitors for branding purposes as well as providing content and keywords to facilitate greater chances of search engine inclusion.

Microsites also may be used to convey in-depth information about a particular product or service, or as editorial support toward a specific product, such as a new technology. A car manufacturer, for example, may present a new hybrid vehicle and support the sales presentation with a microsite specific to explaining hybrid technology.

Microsite content may:

  • Be static
  • Have a personal greeting
  • Contain pre-populated contact information for customers to confirm, change, add, etc.

You can have:

  • Sign-up pages
  • Surveys
  • Calculators
  • Registrations for seminars or events
  • Redirects to other URLs
  • Drip-marketing campaign automation
  • Thank-you pages
  • Email notifications
  • Auto replies
  • Video conversation
  • Tracking

7 considerations for a good microsite:

  1. Keep the total number of pages in the microsite small (one to five)
  2. Make sure that content is meaty, telling stories with rich details
  3. Include strong, consistent visual themes binding pages together
  4. Make other pages accessible via simple tab navigation
  5. Dedicate each tab to a specific deep-dive subtopic
  6. Make sure there is a clear call-to-action form (best if replicated on all pages)
  7. Ensure that the graphic design is compelling, but not overwhelming

Consider using multi-step landing pages (also known as conversion paths) to enable visitors to self-select the content that's most relevant to them-one or two quick choices on the landing page, followed up with a highly targeted presentation. Hundreds of experiments have shown that these conversion paths often convert much higher rates than regular landing pages because the choices give visitors a strong “information scent,” leading to a more personalized experience. If done correctly, you should obtain very favorable conversion lift metrics. Also, it may cause visitors to pursue additional microsites for more information.

Shapco has been on the forefront of landing page technologies. Often, we can produce these online sales tools in a fraction of the time (and with less red tape) than corporate IT departments. Contact Tom Kubinski at 612-278-1568 before you begin your next campaign. (more at

QR Codes

A QR code is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR code readers and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, a URL, or other data. If you want to know more about QR codes, watch this news report from the CBS Early Show to see how it will change marketing and our lives,

QR code benefits:

  • Using smartphones, scanned images go directly to a web site — no need to type long addresses
  • Powerful marketing tool — conveniently access videos, contests, promotions, etc.
  • Encourage instant purchases and payments

Marketing uses:
Recently, QR codes have become more prevalent in marketing circles and have been integrated into both traditional and interactive campaigns. Media that frequently utilizes QR codes includes: billboard ads, in-store displays, event ticketing and tracking, trade show management, business cards, print ads, contests, direct mail campaigns, websites, email marketing, and couponing just to name a few. QR codes are of particular interest to marketers, giving them the ability to measure response rates with a high degree of precision, allowing for easier ROI calculation, thus helping to justify spending in marketing budgets. (more at

If you are needing more information or specifics than what’s been provided above, please visit

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