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September 2017

Clear Dry Ink

Clear Dry Ink Technique for Digital Printing

Many may not be aware that you can now incorporate clear dry ink techniques to your digital pieces with Sexton’s state-of-the-art Xerox® 800 digital press. Due to an increased interest in this technique, I am recirculating a previous issue of TK's Korner which showcases a variety of clear dry ink techniques that were utilized in my holiday cards. All 10 cards feature our unique clear dry ink coating effect on specialty stock.

Which card is your favorite?

The cards were printed on Quick Tak postcard stock with a pre-cut removable label. This is one of many specialty stocks and templates available for our digital press. The broad range of specialty stocks from Xerox allows you to print low quantities without paying for additional techniques such as die cutting and perforating. It’s already done for you.

Quick Tak stock allows you to include a loyalty enrollment program complete with an ID card and message, or as a rewards program with an offer that markets you to a broad range of clients and prospects. Because the digital press can print variable data, you can personalize your messages for greater effectiveness. My holiday cards are a great example of this.

Give me a call if you want to see various samples of the Xerox specialty stocks. You just might find something that excites you and that could help your next marketing campaign stand out from the competition.

Exploring Clear Dry Ink

Since the Clear Dry Ink effect is a new technique to the both the digital press and the marketplace, we explored the effect with my cards – how and where it is most effective and when there may be limitations. The images below show where we applied the Clear Dry Ink technique on each card. The magenta-colored areas in the images represent where Clear Dry Ink was applied.

Clear Dry Ink can offer a variety of effects:

  • Use as a spot treatment over an image or text to create a tactile dimension that catches the eye, creates an emotion and spurs actions for the visual effect of popping off the page. Draws attention to a headline or variable text.
    • Enhance varied textures on a single printed surface, giving the piece a more high-end polished look.
    • Highlight a certain area of a photo to reach out and grab the reader's attention or highlight just a few of its features.
    • Add a texture over a photo giving the illusion of dimension, over one word or several, which will draw attention to your messages. Even apply in different levels of intensity to give a layered look and feel.
    • Incorporate as a tinted varnish effect that can increase the depth and overall sheen of a color making it appear to be lifted off the page.
    • Simulate a pearlescent or metallic appearance, a metallic effect that can now be accomplished on our state-of-the-art digital press. This technique adds richness, sheen and elegance to your piece.
    • Use it as a watermark and it disappears when the document is copied. Clear watermarks can also be a powerful yet subtle design element to help you make your point more elegantly.

For additional information on this technique, please refer to my July 2015 newsletter Digital Printing-Variable Data or Business Development

Even more ways to add to the effectiveness of your printed pieces

Sexton has had great success with each of the data-driven strategies outlined below. Let me know how I can help you achieve and quantify greater response rates using variable data technologies.

  • PURLS and SMS message tracking
  • Microsite landing pages to house survey content
  • Real-time alerts and automated responses
  • Dashboard technologies for campaigns with unique visitor reports
  • Survey tabulations, 800-number tracking, and email tracking
  • Campaign integration and ROI reporting
  • Customized graphics and QR codes

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