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January 2010 TK's Korner

What Sets Sexton Apart From The Rest

snowman graphicIn this issue, you'll discover just some of the ways that Sexton can benefit you and your projects.

Sexton has been in business for over 60! years, since 7/1/1949. We are 3 generations strong and have evolved into a printing company of the future.

DID YOU KNOW? Besides of course, Design, Prepress, Printing, Mailing, Fulfillment – and now a new division called Sexton Strategic, (TBD later on that), we have even more multiple services under one roof such as:

   Marketing consulting
   Data-driven communication
   One-to-one variable messaging
   Marketing automation technologies
   Channel marketing synchronization
   Real-time campaign measurement
   Optimized fulfillment logistics
   Creative services
   ROI analytics

   Offset sheet-fed printing
   Variable digital printing
   Mailing and fulfillment
   List processing
   Creative services
   Publication management
   Web-to print services
   Personalized URL technologies
   Technical support

Our customer’s benefit with streamlined production, reduced costs and the complete control gained from a single point of contact. In addition, estimates and billing practices are fast, accurate and have no surprises!

We partner with our clients and help them strategize to improve their overall marketing effectiveness and efficiencies using benchmark multi channel and touch-point technologies.

The result of this partnership is a streamlined conversation with YOUR target market/audience in an effective and efficient workflow – thus generating more interest, increasing response rates and ultimately ROI for every marketing dollar invested.

snowflake graphic

More of Sexton’s capabilities include -
Complete 100% CTP/PDF Workflow – One of the first 5 in North America!
Broad range of Commercial Sheet-fed Printing & Bindery Services
Digital and Variable Data 1 to 1 Printing
In-House Mailing Services, including management of your data
Fulfillment Kitting, Pick n' Pack Out, Shipping and Real Time Reporting
Educational Seminars, Newsletters and Industry Updates
Dedicated Tech Support for On/Off Site Training & Assistance

Environmentally mindful and constantly striving as a leader, Sexton became FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified in 2007.

Committed to their employees, with an average tenure of 15 years
2009 had the following anniversaries celebrated by 24 employees...
40+ years=2
35+ years=4
30+ years=1
  25+ years=13
20+ years=4

Wow, that is outstanding in any industry!!!

Sexton was an ideal field-test site for Prinergy, the new workflow management system from Heidelberg & Creo. Sexton offers many additional benefits like Trendsetter, E-commerce, "Virtual Prepress", On-line Data Storage, On-line Design, On-line Proofing, CIP4, Education, and others.

Prinergy is the world's first truly end-to-end PDF based system. Using PDF as an internal file format gives customers maximum flexibility in data exchange and opens up the production process to greater visibility by all parties involved. Our internal and external clients are now able to do more of their proofing remotely and still maintain total control.

The Heidelberg/Creo Trendsetter Spectrum system allows us to have a one-rip system and no problems after the proof has been approved like items falling off the plates on press. Prinergy also gives us the ability to connect multiple output devices to a single digital workflow and the flexibility to deliver a three-tiered proofing system to our clients. Each kind of proof, (see below), for a particular project gives the client different color options and cost savings based on their needs.

A) Digital Dylux replaces the standard blue-line/silvers/dyluxes. This is color or B&W, two-sided, backed up, cut down to size and a folded, finished proof. Ideal for viewing color designation, folds, crossovers, type flow, positioning and actual trim size. One is provided with every project and many customers find it acceptable as the sole proof for their less exacting print requirements. Digital Dylux proofs are produced on an inkjet printer at 720dpi, with 70lb or 80lb uncoated paper that has good ink retention and very little bleed through.

B) Match Proof is a contract color proof imaged at a very high resolution, capable of simulating both coated and uncoated press sheets. The proofing system is ICC profiled to our press conditions and provides improved proof-to-press color matching. Varnishes, dielines, 5th, 6th, etc. colors are proofed on a proof overlay.

C) V Proof is our soft proof and is created for jobs requiring corrections. It utilizes our advanced Prinergy workflow to ensure consistency, speed and accuracy. Soft proofs are not yet suitable for approving color, but they are fast, inexpensive and reliable for viewing other changes such as copy or positioning.

If you have any questions about our new inkjet-based proofing options, please contact Mary Albers or myself. We are happy to provide further information and help you develop a proofing strategy to best meet your print communication and budget needs.

snowflake graphic Sexton was able to design a customized on-line service called "Virtual Prepress", which unites the best of 3 technologies: PDF, CTP, and the Internet. The virtual suite of online services offers a "Real-Time On-Demand" solution that brings together Sexton and the power of the Internet. Its function spans 4 categories: asset management, file access, re-purposing and proofing. Services are platform and browser-independent, allowing customers on-line access to archived job files up to five years old. Search engines, comment attachments, job reports and job upload/download capabilities are included in these packages. (You could have a designer shop via the Internet for images stored and request them to be sent one of many ways. These images could have usage comments attached, and be pulled up via form number designations or other methods. You could have a design already completed, then simply view the stored images, place as FPO's and let us know an order is ready to go.)

CIP4 Cooperation for Integration of (processes in, pre-press, press, post-press). This means that all the settings for color are transmitted directly to the presses once you approve your proofs. This makes for faster and more economical press checks!

snowflake graphic

Sexton helps customers understand our enhanced production capabilities by hosting information sessions about: CTP, Prinergy and Virtual Prepress. We are able to introduce something "cool" to you by educating you on the vast potential of PDF. Prinergy has really paved the way for us as far as PDF is concerned. So, why not give me a call to check this out for your next order?

Press Equipment
Sexton Printing is proud to be able to offer a complete range of printing capabilities to our customers: Conventional to Digital or VDP (Variable Date Printing).

Conventional - 2 Ryobi presses, sheet size 4x7 to 13x17, prints 1c and 2c; Heidelberg - 6 presses, sheet size 11x17 to 28x40, prints 2c, 4c, and 5c with Aqueous. (One is a perfecting press as well, which prints both sides of the sheet at the same time). SM102-4PS Heidleberg 4 color/2 color perfector. Ideal for straight 4 color work, 2 color 2-sided catalogs, manuals, and publications that are too small for web.

Quality Control

Heidelberg's Image Control color measurement system analyzes color differences and sends them to the press online. Quality control outside the press supports the spectrophotometric measurement of the entire printed image and simultaneous online color control. Operation is easy and convenient, thanks to the touch-screen color display. A measuring bar scans the entire printed image and breaks down a print sheet into more than 160,000 measuring points. Each of these individual points is then compared with the corresponding point on the OK sheet. Prinect Image Control then determines the deviations from the predefined reference values and tells the operator automatically what adjustments are needed. These are transferred online to the press, which regulates the ink zones in the printing units. Up to four presses can be connected to Prinect Image Control. Sexton Printing, Inc. can handle any size sheetfed run for 1 to 5 colors plus Aqueous.

Digital or VDP (Variable Data Printing)
VDP is a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the press, using information from a database. Marketers/Communicators now have the ability to target messages more precisely than ever before. For more information on VDP, please see the issue
Digital / Variable Printing, and Direct Mail Raise Response, Lower Costs.

Add to that our In-House Mailing Capabilities
Sexton offers
List Maintenance, Presorting via CASS & Pave certified software, Dual Head Ink Jetting & Tabbing. You'll be very pleased with the results for your next Annual Report, Book, Brochure, Catalog, Corporate Identity Piece, Direct Mail, Padded work, Pocket Folder, Publication, Scratch Off's, etc. If you'd like a complete listing of Sexton Printing's equipment or info on our Virtual Library, please visit our web site and go to the upper right hand corner.


Trends is our award-winning newsletter that is committed to provide in-depth features on timely educational topics from design through distribution. Each full color issue includes an interesting and informative poster suitable for framing. If you would like to be added to the mail list, or have an associate receive it, please subscribe by going to

B) Etrends is a free e-message service that offers print production tips and industry trends designed to make your job easier and your production workflow more efficient. Our growing list of subscribers say that Etrends offers "must read" information. Please subscribe by going to

C) Trendtech is a series of seminars sponsored by Sexton Printing covering timely topics related to the graphic arts. They are an ideal opportunity for you and your key team members to gain valuable information together as creative and production professionals.

Seminar programs feature:

  • A keynote presentation by a recognized industry leader.
  • A panel of experts available to answer questions related to the topic.
  • Opportunities to network with peer business associates and exchange ideas.
  • Product demonstrations and valuable take-home tools. Please subscribe by going to

If you have a production issue not discussed above that you would like me to address, or a project that needs to be looked at, please give me a call or send me an email. I will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best value for every marketing dollar invested.

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Why Work With TK?

You can also check out my profile, join my network and view more client comments on LinkedIn at –

Referrals are greatly appreciated. If you know someone who I should contact, please let me know.

If you would like to join me on one of our upcoming tours, if there is something that you would like me to address, or if you know of someone who might like to receive TK's Korner, please let me know via e-mail at or phone.

Take care and have a great day!

Tom Kubinski, Printing Consultant

Printing Consultant Who Helps You Make Good Impressions
Direct: 612-278-1568
Cell: 612-760-3700

TK Out Standing in his Field

(PS: If you'd like, Go to and sign up for the Sexton E Trends, a FREE e message service offering print production tips and industry trends designed to make your job easier and your production workflow more efficient.)

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