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How to Market More Effectively and Efficiently


With so many options available to marketing managers today, it’s no wonder why customers/prospects are overwhelmed with incredible amounts of unwanted direct marketing and promotional messages that are blasted out via email, or mass produced and mailed in vast quantities.


For most recipients, they either ignore or have become immune to standardized marketing techniques, especially with the advent of the Internet.


What they do want, however, is information and affirmation from trusted sources and referral networks.



WHAT MARKETERS ARE LOOKING FOR: (and are being judged on these days)


• Selling programs that generate recurring revenue stream.


• A campaign’s ability to increase number of high quality leads that convert to revenue.


• Ability to track activity and respond to every opportunity in real time.


• Better understanding of consumer messaging and content preferences on a personal level.


• Delivering more compelling, relevant and actionable communications.


• Staying relevant, valued and connected to customers/prospects have become the number one challenge.


Thus, the creation of:


INTEGRATED MARKETING (multiple channels and multiple touch points), and


PRECISION MARKETING (based on deep data mining and customer analytics, transactional and behavioral insights; as well as, effective listening and feedback systems.)


You can now have a two-way conversation with each one of your customers/prospects. You can validate what you know about them, seek additional information on what specific products/services they are interested in and give them a choice on how to be kept informed or marketed to.


Then you can use the specific information you have to tailor and target each communication on an individual level, sending them a message of relevance with mass-customization technologies in PRINT, DIGITAL, and RETAIL CHANNELS and ask them to act. This enables you to significantly improve interest, response rates, number of orders, dollars per sale, ROI for each marketing dollar invested, decrease cost per sale, building individualized relationships plus the ability to gather pertinent information on each contact so you can market to them more efficiently and effectively.






• Timely and contextual messages


• Personal communications


• Relevancy


• Individualization


• Reliance on a mix of both traditional print and digital communications



Be careful of email-only marketing campaigns:


• More than half of consumers prefer traditional mail as the method of contact.


• Research show that email fatigue seems to be setting in as most.


• 20% or more of emails are never delivered due to both internal and external SPAM blocking programs.


Millennials (18-33 years of age) say that a combination of digital and traditional ads are most influential


Print ads do impact young adults. Of those surveyed, 45% say the combination of digital ads and traditional ads are equally or more effective in influencing their brand decision making, compared to either online or offline as a stand-alone.” Click here to read more ...



Marketers MUST take that next step towards more integrated and precision marketing, and leverage insight to deliver individualized offers, deals and value-added services at the right place, at the most appropriate time, through the most preferred format or channel of communication to trigger purchase of influence behavior.


I am proud to say that Shapco has been assisting clients with developing and implementing multi-channel marketing campaigns. Contact me for more information... I am happy to help you in any way I can.


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As always, I will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive the best value for every marketing dollar you invest.


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Tom Kubinski

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