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June 2012 TK's Korner
Post it to the Web vs Print?

Why Print if I can Post it to the Web for Free?

How many times have you thought this statement?

What was your answer?

What did others say when you told them about it?

Given the widespread concern for our collective financial future, it’s not surprising it comes up...

What Marketers are looking for and being judged on these days is:

  • Selling programs that generate recurring annuity revenue streams
  • Dramatically improving their profit picture
  • Increasing the number of high quality leads that can be converted to revenue
  • Ability to track activity and respond to every opportunity in real time

"Web marketing in and of itself is rarely successful - it needs a launch pad in some cases, and in others it is the foundation for a marketing structure."

You also need to be aware of over saturation. Doing the same thing the same way will usually return the same results...and over time - diminishing returns.

"A potential customer does not hear your message until they’ve heard it at least 3 times."

Therefore the marketing event should be three-pronged;

Email, Web, and Print, or some combination thereof.

Thus the creation of Integrated Marketing or the use of –

    Multiple Touch Points

            Multiple Channels

                Cross Promotions

                      Solution Based Selling

What you gain -

  • Voice of Customer
  • 2-way conversation with your Customer and Prospect
  • Ability to validate what you know about your existing Customers and Prospects + seek additional information
  • Give them a choice on how to be marketed to in the future

"In most cases, Print costs more to produce than an Electronic campaign. However, by the time you factor in hosting costs, click-thru tracking, banner ads, traffic fees, web designers, and the lot, a customer might well spend more on the electronic messaging than a print job."

The print portion might be a postcard or brochure that goes out at campaign launch, or it could be a loyalty piece such as a gift card that closes the campaign.

There could be multiple versions of email and print pieces with the same message and to the same customers, but each version has a different reward; A) simple thank you, B) coffee-shop gift card, C) a discount coupon, D) etc. The intent is to determine what type of gift would actually compel the customer to complete and return a survey – either online or via BRC card, etc. (You could garner some extra, valuable customer information also!)

In the end, a stack of completed surveys, data on what type of customer visited the online site or by return mail, what offer prompted them to take action, and whether it was email or print that drove them to act is critical information for future marketing programs.

Using data-analysis (dashboard technology) to track the results will provide you feedback on the delivery number and completion rates, etc. All of this data will allow you to make your next contact a more targeted campaign based on the results provided and the method that works for each individual customer or prospect. It also may give you insight into whether the campaign is working or not and an opportunity to change it if need be.

All of this to get messages into the marketplace and hit your Target Audience in a manner that works for each individual.

The result -

   Increased interest
Increased response rates
Increased number of orders
Increased dollars per sale
Increased ROI for every marketing dollar invested
Decreased cost per response, sale, and lead

    And, the ability to gather pertinent information on each and every contact so you can market to them more effectively and efficiently in the future.

Other things to keep in mind -

    • 6 Key Elements in any Direct Mail Campaignask Tom Kubinski for more information
    • Targeting Your Audience - How to increase an average 0.46% response rate by +41%, +45%, +82%, +600% (16%) (and what to do for each one)—ask Tom Kubinski for more information
    • How to Approach this in a Strategic Manner (and keep it cost effective)—Sexton can assist you with this
    • How to Gather Data, Track it and Respond in Real TimeSexton can assist you with this also

All your results could be used for -

  1. LEAD NURTURING PROGRAMS - putting your customers and prospects into
    A, B, C, D categories
  2. MARKETING MORE EFFECTIVELY and efficiently based on ROI for each type
  3. EVALUATING if a trade show is worth your time and money
  4. DISCOVERING what marketing materials are working vs not

Keep in mind it is not the cost per piece that matters, but the return it brings in!

Would it be successful based on number of responses, number of sales, dollars per sale, total revenue brought in, finding out if they are happy with their current vendors, or is there an opportunity for you to come in, etc. Each situation could mean a different result in order to make it successful for you, your company, and your client.

For more information to demonstrate multichannel approach, visit the 3 following sites:

Stay tuned for the next issue of TK's Korner. You just might be surprised!

Please refer back and visit often the entire library of TK's Korners where you will find information on subjects that may be of interest to you like:

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    • And of course my own 2¢...


Hope this helps and stay tuned for the next issue of TK's Korner. You never know what might be covered!

If you have a production issue not discussed above that you would like me to address, or a project that needs to be looked at, please give me a call or send me an email. I will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best value for every marketing dollar invested.

You can also check out my profile, join my network and view more client comments on LinkedIn at:

Referrals are greatly appreciated, if you know someone I could help, or who might like to receive TK's Korner, please let me know.

Take care and have a great day!

Tom Kubinski, Printing Consultant

Printing Consultant Who Helps You Make Good Impressions
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Selected portions reprinted in Print & Media Buyer, a national magazine for the print industry. (Search for Tom Kubinski)

Print & Media Buyer Magazine, Winter issue 2007

Below, please find a PODi case study of nationally recognized campaign plus 3 issues that have been published in a National magazine.

* PODi - Digital Print Success Story .pdf 2.9 mb
* Kubinski to Contribute to Print and Media Buyer Magazine .pdf 144 kb
* "Press Check/A Step by Step Process" SPRING 2008 .pdf 536 kb
* "File Prep" APRIL 2008 .pdf 704 kb
* "How to Plan Your Print Project/Nice Price" JULY 2008 .pdf 320 kb

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