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November 2012 TK's Korner
PODi - Digital Print Success Story

This is a "Press Release" issue of Tk's Korner.

It is with great honor that a program I put together for a client of mine has been recognized as a National Case Study for PODi.

Click to view my PODi Case Study

Below, you'll discover:

  1. Press Release
  2. PODi is
  3. Project was
  4. Markets
  5. Business Applications
  6. Business Objectives
  7. Results
  8. Integrated Marketing-multiple channels & multiple touch-points
  9. Reasons for Success
  10. Best Practices Learned

Press Release Copy:
Sexton Printing's Case Study Included in PODi's Prestigious 2011 Collection of Digital Print Success Stories

St. Paul, MN - May, 2011 - The 2010 River Valleys Girl Scout cookie program was a smashing success in more ways than one. The fundraiser that benefitted the organization, whose membership ranges from the Twin Cities area to southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin involved more people than ever. In turn, this translated into sales numbers that pleased all involved.

How this satisfying story came about has drawn national attention as well.

Sexton Printing announced today that their case study detailing how this success story occurred has been accepted for inclusion in the PODi Digital Print Case Study Database, the world's largest collection of outstanding digital print case studies. Selection for this prestigious compilation is based on a project's marketing & print innovations and its superior results. It is the only compilation of its kind in the digital marketplace. Only 41 new cases are listed this year.

"We're very proud of the groundbreaking work we did on the River Valleys program," said Tim Sexton, president of Sexton Printing. "The innovative thinking done here is an example of how we try to work with all our clients. The PODi recognition for this case is a wonderful achievement for River Valleys and our entire team."

Sexton helped implement a multi-tiered approach aimed at everyone from kindergarten age participants to the parents involved. The campaign included personalized postcards directed at several scout groups and parents. For a modern touch, older scouts were encouraged to visit a personalized URL site where they learned information about becoming a C.E.O. (Cookie Executive Officer). The targeted approach reduced River Valleys' overall marketing costs while increasing the campaign's effectiveness.

"We're honored to be recognized for the River Valleys effort," Sexton said. "Seeing the level of participation was very satisfying. Being included in this database is doubly gratifying."

PODi is recognized as a leading industry organization and proponent of relevant, one-to-one marketing driven by digital print. Case studies published by PODi showcase highly successful applications with an impressive combination of innovation, technical expertise, and the delivery of excellent, measurable results. PODi's searchable, online database is the most comprehensive source of digital print solutions with over 470 case studies.

Click to view my PODi Case Study

View the PODi Case Study database at

Stay tuned for the next issue of TK's Korner. You just might be surprised!

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Hope this helps and stay tuned for the next issue of TK's Korner. You never know what might be covered!

If you have a production issue not discussed above that you would like me to address, or a project that needs to be looked at, please give me a call or send me an email. I will do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best value for every marketing dollar invested.

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Referrals are greatly appreciated, if you know someone I could help, or who might like to receive TK's Korner, please let me know.

Take care and have a great day!

Tom Kubinski, Printing Consultant

Printing Consultant Who Helps You Make Good Impressions
Direct: (651) 255-1225
Cell: (612) 760-3700

Selected portions reprinted in Print & Media Buyer, a national magazine for the print industry. (Search for Tom Kubinski)

Print & Media Buyer Magazine, Winter issue 2007

Below, please find a PODi case study of nationally recognized campaign plus 3 issues that have been published in a National magazine.

* PODi - Digital Print Success Story .pdf 2.9 mb
* Kubinski to Contribute to Print and Media Buyer Magazine .pdf 144 kb
* "Press Check/A Step by Step Process" SPRING 2008 .pdf 536 kb
* "File Prep" APRIL 2008 .pdf 704 kb
* "How to Plan Your Print Project/Nice Price" JULY 2008 .pdf 320 kb

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